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shameless plug~

for those unaware, i've finally decided to open a new music download & art blog via wordpress.  if anyone here has any type of blog they would like to exchange links with (games, art, whatever!), please leave me a comment with your address!


i plan to put emphasized focus on posting audio rips of various concerts i like & so forth.  please feel free to help spread the word if you like what you see so far.
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hello person

so, many a'thing have taken place in the last two years.  for all sorts of various reasons, i've decided to continue to write in livejournal: i really miss connecting with people on a more personal basis.  additionally, it will also help me with ongoing therapy IRL as well as handling the various responsibilities that have begun to emerge for me.  unfortunately these past several months have really slapped me with a difficult dose of reality health-wise.. i've been in and out of hospitals, doctors' offices, therapists' couches and so forth more so in 30 days, than nearly my entire life.  especially after the car accident last year.

i won't burden anyone with the details at least at this point, but if anyone's still out there, gimme a holla!
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awesome tidbit of the day: thanks to my awesome parents, charlie & i are now the happy owners of a brand new isuzu rodeo.

life still sucks but at least we got rad wheels!

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utterly bizarre & randomly stupid

i have no idea why i even attempted purchasing from them in the first place, but the ridiculously low prices tempted me to order from  i'd read about their crazy schemes elsewhere on the internet, but in this particular case there were some items/dvds i've been searching for everywhere that do not exist in any obtainable, legitimate or reasonable form.  against all common sense, i figured that if the items never arrived, i could place a dispute at the bank or just eat the cost: it was extremely cheap in the first place.

strangely, i actually received everything quick and in good order.  granted they're very (obviously) bootlegs but that was pretty obvious in the first place.  i think i recall ordering from them a couple years ago when they were listed as animeballz.  (lmao)  i might actually give them another shot for a few more dvd sets in the future for the cheapo prices...

in other news, i can smell the neighbors' bbq from the game room window & it's killing.

also, charlie fixed our atari so we've been going nuts playing both shitty & nonshitty games alike.  (ET anyone?)  it's amazing how durable these old systems were: eat that, x-box.

i hate the bugs that emerge during the summer.. felix has been going crazy chasing and munching on potato bugs all afternoon.

anime/ fujiko


you know what series seriously deserves more credit?

why lupin the III or course!  but specifically, the 1st series (or "green jacket" as most people refer to it as).  despite how popular the 2nd one from the late 70s is, the less goofy, more groovy original will always be my favourite.♥

in other useless news, this humid weather is killing my hair.
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nibs and ink

writing from work...

to work on illustrating a little more professionally, i purchased a few art supplies from DELETER & jetpens.  i used to use nib pens many years ago but have since stopped when i stopped drawing seriously over the years.  typically i use Micron Sakura pens for recreational purposes but the tips constantly break after about a week of use and the ink quality is mediocre at best for intricate designs.  (their blackest black is more like a dark grey & even after shading multiply lines, everything still looks.. flat.)  i picked up a couple different nib sets as well as a tachikawa t-40, monochrome nibbed pen, blue pencils, kuretake ink, water colour brush pens and DELETER's own branded ink (#4), pack of B5 comic paper & nib sample set

while i have yet to try DELETER's nib set, i did break out their ink to compare with the kuretake brand which is of course, cheaper and comes in a seemingly endless giganto supply (60ml for $7.50 while DELETER's is around $7.75 for half that amount not taking into account overseas shipping).  i tried both with tachikawa's g-model nib (fine).  while i wish i had photos to compare (my camera broke ;_____;  all i have is my dim camera phone lmao), the quality of both are amazing with just a few subtle differences.  kuretake's is smooth and easy to work with however i did notice it dries very quickly and doesn't seem to provide as many strokes overall in a single dip as DELETER's.  additionally, it also doesn't appear to be quite as black: DELETER's #4 is crazy, crazy bold and brings everything immediately to life.  lupin's jumpin' off my page, yo.

overall both are fabulous but it may depend on what your usage and need is for.  i plan on using both for slightly different things however #4 has easily become my go-to ink for it's amazing in-yo-face factor.  it's a little pricer but considering just a tiny bit goes a long way, i think it'll pay off in the end.  DELETER also has other different formulas that i am interested in trying.

also, akashiya sai's watercolours are lovely but their colours are not depicted true to life on the website nor on the packaging.  even after using wet or directly onto the paper, the shades are totally different.  i suppose this wouldn't be such a huge issue had i purchased a larger set or if i had many already but since i had picked singles as well a set with a very, very specific need in mind, i was so totally disappointed ;___;  however for future projects, i love the way they handle.

i'd seriously recommend to check out either website if you need supplies for similar reasons.  jetpens has TONS of items while DELETER's shipping is pretty reasonable and they threw in lots of freebies.  i'll try to post something on the different nibs & papers soon if i find time.
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I've totally forgotten how to write a proper journal post. 

aside from paying the bills (stressful) and wedding planning (more stressful), not much has happened recently.  on the upside, we've decided to scrap the wedding altogether, get hitched and leave for japan that same day.  what's the point of inviting a bunch of people who irritate me, spend a ton of $$ on feeding said people and spending all my time and effort to amuse said people?  with the exception of a few close friends, it's totally pointless.  so in the end, screw it: i'm takin' the cash we would have spent on a lame ceremony and using it for fun shopping excursions in tokyo and later, isahaya.

earlier today i booked our hotel: it's five minutes from shibuya & the hotel owner is giving us freebie passes to puroland *____*  I SWEAR I'M GONNA GET MY PICTURE TAKEN GLOMPING HELLO KITTY.  i'm hoping peeps in tokyo/surrounding area might be able to come along or hang out at some point.  after a week of pointless fun we'll brave the 8 hour shinkan to spend five days sleeping on my brother's floor which i'm hoping is neither dirty nor infested. lmao

here on out it's hefty saving for us for the next six months.