23 June 2009 @ 05:57 pm
animal abandonment is not okay.  
I just witnessed something mad terrible.  A white van pulled up in front of our house about 15 minutes ago and a man threw a small, black poodle out the door collar and all.  The poor thing just sat there sadly watching as the van drove off.  Keeping in mind we live on a very busy, main road where drunk drivers tend to run cats/dogs over on purpose, the little guy ran into busy traffic.  Dad, Mom and I tried to catch him but before we could he somehow escaped and went up the street.  We called the local ASPCA and animal control so hopefully they can find him before he's hit by a car...

This sort of thing is just so sick.  We live literally two blocks away from the Providence Animal Shelter.  If someone can't afford to keep their pet for whatever reason, why would you not just surrender it??  Why dump what was a family pet on the side of a city road like dirt?  I could never imagine in a billion years even thinking of leaving my little man in the dust.  There's no excuse and I'm officially bothered for the rest of the evening.  I gave Felix a big 'ole hug after seeing such a thing.

I'll def be keeping my eyes open though should the pup show up again.
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